Our company has many branches; how do we ensure everyone gets the right sizes?

There are several solutions to this; one is to make a fit range for your company that you can send between branches and people can fit. The other is taking measurements. Talk to us and we can explain the benefits of the various solutions.

Do I have to bring my own fabric for the clothes that you make?

It’s not advisable. Leave it to us to source good quality reliable fabrics to meet your needs.

Will you sell direct to the public? Like if I want one chef jacket?

No, we are a wholesaler, we only supply bulk orders to companies or to retailers.

Do you export? I’m not from South Africa?

Yes, we can export. Let’s discuss your requirements.

Will my order quantity affect my prices?

YES. Price and volume are directly related. Lower volumes = Higher price. We will do our best to provide you with the best prices for your volumes.

Do you have Minimum Order Quantities?

Minimum Order Quantities (aka. MOQ’s) may apply to certain items. MOQ’s will vary depending on the product.

Do you carry stock?

Because of the varieties of colours and fabrics available we prefer to allow clients to make their own choice. That means all garments are manufactured to order.

How long will my order take?

Lead times vary greatly depending on what type of development is required. It may take anything from 2 weeks (basic work-wear or existing styles) up to 6 months (styles requiring custom developed fabrics that need to be woven and shipped to SA).

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